ANA X, Integrity Healthcare, Sawai Group Holdings, and Hitachi Systems establish the Japan Wellbeing Consortium to promote wellbeing in the fields of health, medical support, and wellness tourism~Start of proposals with themes of health management support and regional development~

ANA X Inc. (President and CEO: Kazuhiro Todoroki, headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter referred to as “ANA X”), Integrity Healthcare Co., Ltd. (Chairman: Shinsuke Muto, President: Ai Sonoda, headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter referred to as “Integrity Healthcare”), Sawai Group Holdings Co., Ltd. (Chairman and President: Mitsuo Sawai, headquarters: Yodogawa-ku, Osaka; hereinafter referred to as “Sawai Group Holdings”), and Hitachi Systems, Ltd. (President and CEO: Setsuo Shibahara; headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter referred to as “Hitachi Systems”) will establish the Japan Wellbeing Consortium.

Through this Consortium, the companies will promote the creation of communities with healthy residents and companies with healthy employees, medical support, and wellness tourism. They will also make proposals to local governments, health insurance associations, companies, and others.

In Japan, the gap between average life expectancy and healthy life expectancy is causing various issues, including the increasing medical costs borne by the government. In response to this situation, the government is working to extend the healthy life expectancy of each citizen by establishing a seamless system of coordination in the cycle of medical care provision, including preventative care, medical checkups and examinations, diagnosis, and treatment, and by creating a network of primary, secondary, and tertiary preventative care.
However, although individual services exist for each cycle now, there are currently limited services that span multiple cycles, services that support multiple providers such as insurers, medical checkups, and medical institutions, and services that can centrally manage and comprehensively provide medical information obtained from the aforementioned services.

■ Outline of the Japan Wellbeing Consortium
Hitachi Systems offers a cloud service platform provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that complies with the two sets of guidelines from three Japanese government ministries for the safe and secure management of medical information, which is personal information requiring special consideration, and personal health record (PHR)1 infrastructure that can store PHR information.
This platform provides services from the PHR management system “Smart One Health” (Integrity Healthcare), the PHR management app “SaluDi”2 (Sawai Group Holdings), the mobile app service “ANA Pocket”3 (ANA X), as well as “Health Support Service (Health Management)” and “Health Support Service (MIRAMED)”4 (Hitachi Systems).
The Japan Wellbeing Consortium will combine the PHR infrastructure with the apps from each company and offer incentives such as points so that local governments, health insurance associations, and companies can support wellbeing with the theme of behavior changes to improve QoL, such as health management and health promotion. As the first step, we will make proposals for healthy community development, attracting tourism, and healthcare services in mobile locations.
1 Personal health records (PHR): Health and medical information such as personal health checkup results, medication history, and vital data in daily life.
2 SaluDi is developed and offered with the hope that it will always be by your side as “informational medicine,” meaning medicine that provides information.
3 ANA Pocket is a mobile app service that allows users to earn points and ANA miles not only for air travel, but also for all travel by foot, bicycle, train, monorail, bullet train, car, ferry, etc.
4 MIRAMED®, developed by the University of Tokyo’s Center of Innovation (COI), is a health support service that “visualizes” the risk of future lifestyle-related diseases using AI and supports users’ behavioral changes and health promotion through various functions that provide motivation. In November 2021, it became able to provide remote specific health guidance services through Hitachi Systems.

■Future plans
The Japan Wellbeing Consortium will continue to expand the scope of what can be achieved via wellbeing through partnerships with companies, organizations, and academia that support our efforts. By analyzing the data obtained through this initiative, we will update the functions of each service and strengthen the provision of evidence-based one-stop services for everything from health to pre-symptomatic stages of illness, specific health guidance, and recommendations for medical examinations. We will also build a system that enables medical services while sharing daily vital data with physicians and pharmacists anywhere in Japan
The Japan Wellbeing Consortium aims to build an ecosystem by combining various services on a pharmaceutical and healthcare platform, including collaboration with partners, and to expand the scope of services that lead to wellbeing by utilizing data analysis services in collaboration with Snowflake. Going forward, we will continue to expand our partnerships with companies, organizations, and academia that support our efforts.

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■ Comment from Akihiro Oba, Director, Partner Alliance Japan, Worldwide Public Sector, Amazon Web Services Japan
We at Amazon Web Services (AWS5) welcome the establishment of the Japan Wellbeing Consortium by the four companies ANA X, Integrity Healthcare, Sawai Group Holdings, and Hitachi Systems. We are pleased that by linking the utilization data of the apps of each company and solutions with PHR information on AWS, we can work together with this robust healthcare platform, which conforms to the two sets of guidelines from the three ministries, to contribute to realizing medical DX, supporting health management, and regional development.
5 AWS has been the world’s most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud service since it was launched in 2006 ahead of its competitors. It offers more than 200 function-filled services for computing, storage, databases, networks, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile services, security, hybrid services, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), media, and app development, deployment, and management.

■Comment from Hiroshi Watanabe, Executive Officer and Manager, Partner Sales Division, Snowflake
Snowflake6 welcomes the establishment of the Japan Wellbeing Consortium by the four companies ANA X, Integrity Healthcare, Sawai Group Holdings, and Hitachi Systems.
Snowflake will help with creation of communities with healthy residents, creation of companies with healthy employees, medical support, and wellness tourism through provision of a data sharing platform that enables secure sharing, integration, and analysis of data by companies, academia, and organizations that support the Japan Wellbeing Consortium.
6 Snowflake enables any organization to leverage its own data by using Snowflake’s Data Cloud. Client companies use the Data Cloud to integrate siloed data, search and securely share data, and perform a variety of analytical workloads. Regardless of where data and users reside, Snowflake provides a single data experience across multiple clouds and regions.

■ About ANA X
ANA X is a platform business of the ANA Group.
With the foundation of the customer base cultivated through the airline and travel business as well as the life service business represented by the ANA Card, ANA X is working to create services that enrich the lives of its customers and contribute to solving regional and social issues through the movement of people.
In order to expand opportunities to accumulate and use miles in daily life, ANA X is providing a variety of products and services such as ANA Mileage Club App, a gateway app to various ANA Group services; ANA Mall, an Internet shopping mall; ANA Pay, a mobile payment service; and ANA Pocket, a mobile app service that enables users to earn points for their daily travel.
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■ About Integrity Healthcare
Integrity Healthcare is a medical tech company that aims to shape the future of healthcare through the fusion of people and technology. With the mission of “Creating a world where personalized healthcare and information are delivered appropriately and people think and act independently by 2030,” Integrity Healthcare combines cutting-edge ICT and medical know-how to develop and provide YaDoc, a disease management system that contributes to further improvements in the quality of medical care while deepening interactive communication between doctors and patients; YaDoc Quick, an online medical care system; and Smart One Health, a PHR management system; and is involved in the decentralized clinical trial (DCT) business.
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■ About Sawai Group Holdings
Sawai Group Holdings aims to be a healthcare corporate group that develops sustainably alongside society, based on the Corporate Philosophy of “Always putting healthier lives first.” In order to create a world in which more people can live actively with peace of mind, in addition to its core business of manufacturing and marketing generic drugs, Sawai Group Holdings will contribute to the extension of healthy life expectancy through new businesses.
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■About Hitachi Systems
Hitachi Systems is an IT services company with strengths in the construction of systems in a wide range of scales and industry types, as well as system operation, monitoring, and maintenance utilizing a diverse service infrastructure that includes data centers, network and security operation and monitoring centers, contact centers, and approximately 300 service locations throughout Japan. The company contributes to the digitalization of its customers through unique services that combine a wide variety of human resources and advanced information technology, and works together with customers to create new value, aiming to become a global service company that customers trust with everything.
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