ANA X aims to create a world where miles can be used for all kinds of products and services, including airline flights and travel, as well as daily necessities and lifestyle infrastructure.

In 2022, we renewed the ANA Mileage Club app and launch “ANA Mall,” and last year we launched the new “ANA Pay,” which allows you to charge from 1 mile and make payments worth 1 yen per mile. Up until now, we have been rapidly expanding our platform business. In addition, we are participating in a consortium aimed at promoting well-being, and launching “ANA Moment Ads,” an advertising distribution service based on “highly reliable future movement data” such as customer reservation information. We are also working to improve the value of the customer experience.

This fiscal year, we will refine our business and services and further enrich the world where people can live with miles, while also actively working to contribute to solving social issues.

All of our employees will continue to work hard to help as many people as possible learn about the charms of miles, use our products and services with excitement, and further develop our business together with our business partners.

Please look forward to the continued evolution of ANA X.

ANA X Inc.
President and CEO
Shinya Kanda