ANA X is a platform business of the ANA Group that is committed to people and society and to enriching our customers’ day-to-day lives based on the concept of a “mileage-based ecosystem.”

In addition to “out-of-the-ordinary” settings such as air travel and trips that we have pursued through now, we are also developing services and products linked to ANA miles in areas of daily life that leverage the strengths of the ANA Group

FY2022 marked the second year in business for the renewed ANA X, and it was a year in which we completely renewed the ANA Mileage Club app to become a gateway app for various ANA Group services. We also pressed forward with the deployment of various services that form the core of our platform business, including the opening of ANA Mall as an “e-commerce mall linking travel to daily life.”

This fiscal year we are planning to release the all-new ANA Pay, which through its expanded and enhanced payment functions will increase opportunities to earn and use miles in daily life. We will also work to create synergy by inter-connecting the various businesses, services and functions we have released to date, enabling our customers to use our products and services with greater convenience and a sense of excitement.

ANA X will leverage its experience with air travel and trips, which are businesses that support people’s offline economic and social activities, and continue to boldly take on challenges that may be considered “uncharacteristic of an airline.” By doing so, we will develop services that simultaneously balance real-world value and digital convenience, as well as a sense of security and innovation.

We are convinced that this will lead to the realization of a platform business that is both compelling and appealing, chosen by customers, and supported by the community. All our employees will work together to realize this goal.

Please stay tuned for new and exciting developments as ANA X fully launches our platform business.

President & Chief Executive Officer
Kazuhiro Todoroki