Introducing our unique business model for developing
a dedicated marketing platform.

Establishing a unique marketing platform through a diverse range of collaborations.
Creating mutual value for individual customers and our partner companies.

  • Mileage Program

    Mileage Program

    Developing ANA's mileage program through a customer-oriented approach

    We leverage all of the ANA Group's assets to develop and operate programs that offer our customers better value.
    This is more than just an airline loyalty program--we aim to develop a program that enriches the everyday lives of our customers.

  • Contact Points

    Contact Points

    Leveraging traditional contact points and online channels

    We leverage all ANA Group channels to reach our customers--such as at the airport and through our reservation centers--to realize an ideal coupling that appeals to both our customers and partner companies.
    We provide optimal communication tailored to the needs of the individual customer through our website and app, which are both among the most accessed in Japan.

  • Big Data

    Big Data

    Unique database marketing using big data

    We utilize big data gathered through various contact points to enhance the value provided by our mileage program, and to achieve a deeper relationship with customers. Through benefits brought about by advances in analytics, we implement unique database marketing for the ANA Group.

Note: ANA X Inc. is commissioned by and undertakes customer-related business on behalf of ANA Inc.