We are committed to people and society, and to enriching our customers’ day-to-day lives.


We aim to improve customer satisfaction and establish a unique economic zone (ANA Ecosystem) by developing our data platform functions and transforming our business model with real quality and tremendous speed.


  • 1. Visualize our customers and create services
    With the customer visualized as our starting point, create new and exciting services that exceed expectations.
  • 2. Be excited and interested
    If you are not excited or happy in your work, you cannot inspire such feelings in your customers either.
  • 3. Always be conscious of speed
    Grab any opportunities for success with both hands. Reflect and improve based on customer feedback, and move forward ever further without fearing failure.
  • 4. Don’t fear change; enjoy it
    Sense how the world is changing, and pluck up the courage to change with it. Always keep learning and improving yourself.
  • 5. Work out how you can do it
    Don’t search for why you can’t do something. Search for how you can, and then do it!