Special events for “Date (Hokkaido)” and “Odate (Akita)” at the Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit Store of TOCHI-DOCHI, a place for enjoying local appeal

 At TOCHI-DOCHI, a direct-operation store for enjoying local appeals that sells regional products only available locally, ANA X Inc. (President and CEO: Kazuhiro Todoroki, headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter referred to as “ANA X”) is launching special events beginning from June 1, 2023 (Thursday) on Date (Hokkaido), which has warmer weather throughout the four seasons for Hokkaido and is a top farming area in Hokkaido for tomatoes and other crops, and Odate (Akita), which is the birthplace of the Akita dog and home town of the faithful dog Hachiko whose 100th birthday anniversary is in November 2023.

These special events on Date (Hokkaido) and Odate (Akita) are the result of a second round of collaboration and cooperation with giftee Inc. (Representative Director CEO Mutsumi Ota and Representative Director COO Tastuya Suzuki, headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo). The TOCHI-DOCHI Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit Store has become a member store of “Travel Destination Tax Payment®️*2” that utilizes the “e-machi Platform®️*1,” a digital platform for solving local public entity and regional issues operated by giftee, and is selling well-known local products from Date (Hokkaido) and Odate (Akita) using giftee’s “Travel Destination Tax Payment” service. *3

This initiative aims to tell the stories of people from these two areas and introduce attractive products that are unique to these regions. It also offers new value by connecting online (digital) and offline (real-world store, local area) spheres, including communication of local information via “ANA Pocket*4” and live transmissions and travel promotions utilizing “Travel Destination Tax Payment®️” and experiences provided by electronic product coupons received as gifts “e-machi Gift®️*5.” The aim of these events is creating new fans for Date (Hokkaido) and Odate (Akita).

On each Saturday/Sunday during the special event period, the location will conduct events for enjoyment of the localities, such as mini tomato tasting and sales for Date (Hokkaido) and novelty gifts for purchases of Odata (Akita) products (volumes limited). *6

ANA X intends to continue communicating local appeals at the TOCHI-DOCHI Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit Store in collaboration with local government entities and companies nationwide. Please look forward to more events.

Business details

Store:     TOCHI-DOCHI Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit Store                     
Store concept: Enjoy local appeals with well-known products from around Japan       
Store location: Tokyo, Chuo-ku, Yaesu 2-1-1
Operating hours: 10:30am to 8:00pm
Date (Hokkaido) and Odate (Akita) special event period
June 1 (Thursday) to June 29 (Thursday), 2023
Store URL: 
*Planning to renew the special event page at 9:00am on June 1 (Thursday)
Inquiries regarding collaboration with the store from local government entities and companies:

ANA X is the ANA Group company mainly in charge of creating a “Mileage-based Ecosystem” that promotes products and services with the aim of facilitating more prosperity for customers in daily lives by leveraging experience in supporting real economic and social activities of “flights” and “travel.”

giftee Inc. URL:
Based on a corporate vision of “providing services that foster connections among people, companies, and communities driven by e-gifts, giftee has rolled out an e-gift platform business with integration from e-gift issuance to distribution in Japan and other countries and offers e-gift services broadly to individuals and companies. Through provision of the “e-machi platform®” as one of the core services, giftee supports local revitalization by local government entities and local companies and organizations from a digital perspective.  

*1 e-machi platform® is a digital platform service that solves issues of local government entities and regions and is a registered trademark of giftee (trademark registered in June 2022).

*2 By using “Travel Destination Tax Payment®,” which is part of the hometown tax donation program, customers can receive “e-machi gift®” that can be utilized at the TOCHI-DOCHI Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit Store and local stores with stands as the program gift.

“e-machi gift®” can be used for local lodgings, meals, and activities too.

This is a registered trademark of giftee.

*3 Use of “Travel Destination Tax Payment®” for member stores in Odate (Akita) scheduled to begin on July 3 (Monday).

*4 Find details at URL:

*5 “e-machi gift®” is a core solution of the e-machi platform® along with e-machi Points and is a registered trademark of giftee and J&J Gift (trademark registered in September 2020).

*6 Please be aware that events may change and end without notification.