Earn and use miles in daily life! Mobile payment service ANA Pay providing support for Apple Pay

ANA X Inc. (President and CEO: Kazuhiro Todoroki, headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter referred to as “ANA X”) announced a significant expansion of ANA Pay mobile payment service and support for Apple Pay on Tuesday May 23, 2023. 

 With the launch of this service, users utilizing ANA Pay can easily set up Apple Pay from the “ANA Mileage Club App” and use ANA Pay at all Visa Touch payment member stores and iD member stores. Apple Pay is a service that facilitates contactless payments more easily and safely than cards utilizing an iPhone or Apple Watch. By using ANA Pay via Apple Pay, users can make payments on ANA Pay more safely by telling the store to use Vias Touch or iD and just holding the iPhone or Apple Watch over the reader.

Additionally, the latest renewal supports charging to the ANA Pay balance from miles. Users can charge miles accumulated on business trips and travel in single-mile increments and utilize Apple Pay in daily life. This enables broad use of miles in various daily life scenarios, including charging Suica or PASMO and online payment on many apps and web sites that support Apple Pay. Users also accumulate miles for charges from the ANA card and payments with ANA Pay cash. Increased use of these features leads to even more accumulation of ANA miles.

Usage procedure

  • Tap the Pay button of the ANA Mileage Club app
  • Tap the “Start the touch payment set-up” on the ANA Pay screen
  • Tap next on “Add a card to Apple Pay” screen
  • Tap “Agree” after reading the content of the terms of use
  • Tap “Use as the main card” or “Not now” on the explanation screen “Setting up a main card in the wallet”
  • After the addition to the wallet, the iD and Visa Touch logos appear. Tap the “Finish” button on this screen.
  • Next, the introductory screen for the Apple Pay payment method appears. Tap the “Finish set-up” button after confirming the content to complete the process.

Regarding Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a service provided as a standard feature on iPhone, Apple Watch, and other Apple devices for adding credit cards and prepaid cards to Apple Wallet for use in touch settlements or as electronic money.

Key benefits of Apple Pay service are offering better safety than a card and protection of personal information. When Apple Pay is set up in an iPhone or other device, the customer’s card number is not stored on the customer’s device or Apple server. Instead the service issues a unique number for each device and stores the information safely in a secure area of the customer’s device in an encrypted format. Member stores are not given the customer’s card number when Apple Pay is used. 

Apple Pay can be used in app and web online transactions. Payments are completed just by entering Touch ID, Face ID, or a passcode. Since this removes the need to input the address, contact details, card number, and other details for each shopping transaction, payments take place rapidly and easily. This is also an extremely safe approach that protects privacy because the card number is not provided to the member store side.

Confirm Apple Pay details at

Devices must have the latest iOS to use Apple Pay. Refer to for information on devices that support Apple Pay.


Refer to the following site for details on the renewed ANA Pay.