ANA LIVE SHOPPING 〜New event: Spruce up your dining table this New Year! A touch of luxury for your long-awaited family get-together Livestreaming the regional delights of Takahama, Fukui and Kyotango, Kyoto~

  • On Saturday, December 10, ANA LIVE SHOPPING will have two live streams. Under the theme of “Fish by day, meat by night”, spruce up your New Year’s dining table with flavorsome fish or a special winter King Crab set from Umikara in Takahama in the afternoon, and with a shabu-shabu set with products made in Kyoto from Shoku-no-Miyako in Tango Kingdom, Kyotango City, in the evening.
  • The streams are free to view, with no prior application needed. Customers will be able to participate without any fuss.

ANA X Inc. (President and CEO: Kazuhiro Todoroki, Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will release a new ANA LIVE SHOPPING service event at 14:00 on December 2 (Friday) during which customers will be able to purchase famous regional products from around Japan as they watch a live feed. URL for the details:

On this tour, we have a daytime live stream from Umikara market, which showcases the seafood of Takahama, Fukui Prefecture followed by an evening live stream from Shoku-no-Miyako in Tango Kingdom, one of the largest roadside stations in west Japan. We will hear the backstories from the producers of amazing foods that will give your New Year’s table a big makeover, from the abundant marine produce of Wakasa Bay to the ingredients of the Kyotango region.

During the live stream, you can ask questions about products in real time and purchase the items you like, there and then. Those who make a purchase will win an original ANA mystery bag, and there will be other surprises during the stream. Do not miss the live event! And enjoy a little luxury around the table for you big New Year’s family get-together.

Overview of the event

Theme: Spruce up your dining table this New Year! A touch of luxury for your long-awaited family get-together

Umikara edition: In the afternoon, marine delicacies from festive season Fukui

Tango Kingdom edition: In the evening, toast a meaty occasion! The best treats of Shoku-no-Miyako, Kyotango

Opening Date and time: Umikara edition: 14:30-15:30, Saturday, December 10 (Japan time)

                             Tango Kingdom edition: 21:30-22:30, Saturday, December 10 (Japan time)

Application period: Viewing is free and prior application is not needed. It will be possible to view the stream directly via the viewing link.

Purchasing period: 23:59, Monday, December 12 (Japan time)

Archive period: 23:59, Saturday, December 10 (Japan time)

Participation criteria: On the days in question, the streaming will take place using a live commerce system (Note 1). While it is not necessary to download an app in advance, please be sure to participate from a location with a stable communication environment.

Partners: Umikara Co., Ltd., MACHIKARA inc., Tango Kingdom Brewery Inc., SORACOMA Inc., Double Doors Co., Ltd.

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Points to note:       

• Viewing the live stream on a smartphone is recommended. On the days in question, if it is difficult to connect please wait a short time and try accessing again.

• Please be aware in advance that in some cases the products on sale during the live stream and their composition may change without prior notice.

Umikara, the closest market to the water’s edge in Japan, was created for the future of the Takahama fishing industry

Takahama, home to Umikara, was once a thriving fishing port. However, the industry has long faced severe headwinds as catches have decreased and the fishers have aged. Umikara was born out of a desire to help the Takahama fishing industry, even if in a small way. For this event, it is offering for sale seafood caught by Takahama fishers, convenient dried products that can be easily defrosted and cooked, and King Crab, the taste of the Japan Sea in winter.

■ The best of “Made in Kyoto” products from Shoku-no-Miyako at Tango Kingdom, one of west Japan’s biggest roadside stations Shoku-no-Miyako in Tango Kingdom, one of west Japan’s biggest roadside stations, offers a wide range of products found only in the Tango region. At this event, we will be selling the Kyoto brand Kyotamba Takahara Pork shabu-shabu set, Osama sausages made of Kyotamba pork and Kotobiki salt from Kyotango, and craft beer made with 100% hops from Yosano, Tango district.

Going forward, ANA X will continue to contribute to regional revitalization by communicating the charming products of regions throughout Japan to our customers through new services in line with the times. We certainly hope you will look forward to the appealing lineups we will assemble for ANA LIVE SHOPPING too going forward. Note 1: A system in which live viewing and product purchasing are possible simultaneously.