Launch of ANA Traveler’s Domestic Travel Products for the Second Half of FY2022 ~ The ski season has come! Commencement of sales of “skiing & snowboarding” ~

ANA X Inc. (President and CEO: Kazuhiro Todoroki, Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) launched the Hokkaido and Tohoku “SKI&SNOW BOARD Special Collection 2022 to 2023” from October 4 (Tuesday) at 14:00.
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■ Recommended Features

  • For Hokkaido, plans established in six areas: Rusutsu, Furano, Niseko, Kiroro, Tomamu, and Sahoro.
    For Tohoku, content in a total of eight areas including Yamagata Zao and Appi, etc. introduced. Please enjoy the snow of Hokkaido and Tohoku in popular areas.
  • A Dynamic Package which enables the customers to freely create their own travel itinerary and, in Hokkaido, three and four-day plans which include the bus and lift tickets provided!
  • The ANA Winter Coupon which can be used to pay for lift and gondola tickets and a full range of rentals in the local area newly established! *Only Hokkaido
  • For the Rusutsu Resort in Hokkaido and Yamagata Zao in Tohoku, the Local Participation Plan which is recommended for customers who have flights and customers participating locally established! Moreover, the Rusutsu Resort provides lift tickets and a full range of rentals through its Super Coupon!
  • We support the trips of our customers with ANA Traveler’s Safeguarding of Peace of Mind! We have established the Emergency Medical Consultation Service (Medical Call Service) under which highly-experienced nurses offer emergency medical consultations by telephone 24 hours a day from before the travel to after the travel, and the COVID-19 Consolation Money Service which pays consolation money to customers infected with COVID-19 during the travel or within 3 days after the travel.

ANA Traveler’s Peace of Mind Promise
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Going forward, ANA Traveler’s will continue to provide close support to its customers, further enhance the “reliable quality offering peace of mind” it has cultivated to date, and offer products and services which have value for its customers.