ANA Traveler’s from January 2023 Onwards: Launch of the Overseas Tours Accompanied by a Tour Conductor~ ANA commits to offering worry-free quality~

  • ANA announces the launch of new products for Europe and Australia and revision of the prices for the United States (Alaska).
  • Reservations from the ANA website will be possible from today, October 4 (Tuesday) at 14:00.
  • Travelers can enjoy themselves with peace of mind thanks to ANA Traveler’s carefully-selected tour conductor accompaniment

ANA X Inc. (President and CEO: Kazuhiro Todoroki, Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) is launching the ANA Traveler’s overseas travel products (overseas tours accompanied by a tour conductor) departing from January 2023 onwards.

We have put in place preparations for the acceptance of travelers, including measures to combat COVID-19 not only at airports and inside airplanes but also while staying locally, in order to ensure that our customers can enjoy travel with peace of mind, so we are looking forward to your participation in the tours.Regarding the overseas tours accompanied by a tour conductor we are presenting this time, we have prepared carefully-selected tours which meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Customers are accompanied by full-time tour conductors, so they receive support which ensures they can enjoy themselves with peace of mind not only during the travel but from before departure to after they return to Japan. Won’t you take this opportunity to go on an overseas trip?

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Mont Saint-Michel (image)

■Product overview

Product name: ANA Traveler’s overseas tours accompanied by a tour conductor

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Tour areas: Europe, Australia, the United States

* We have prepared a total of five itineraries: 3 itineraries in Europe, 1 itinerary in Australia, and 1 itinerary in the United States (we revised the prices for the previously-launched Alaska tour).

Key features of the tours

  • ①    Service to cover cancellation fees if the customer catches COVID-19

In the case that you catch COVID-19, ANA will cover the cancellation fee as long as the cancellation is made before the travel commences.

  • ②    A schedule with plenty of time

We present schedules centered on consecutive nights at one accommodation, which allow the customers to spend time lavishly, including check in early in the evening and a leisurely departure in the morning.

  • ③    Relaxed and comfortable bus travel

We ensure two seats on the bus for a single customer and ensure plenty of space which can be used freely during the travel as well.

  • ④    Arrangement of plenty of free time to do your own thing

You can make your own plans to go on a relaxing stroll, visit the places you like without any constraint, or relax in your room.

Recommended overseas travel tour accompanied by a tour conductor

<A Czech Republic beer pilgrimage, travelling with Mr. Yuske Sato, the first Japanese Pilsner Urquell tapster, 7 days > Mr. Yuske Sato, the first Japanese Pilsner Urquell tapster, will accompany the customers on the tour, and introduce the breweries and other places important to him in Pilsen, where he learnt his trade. Please enjoy eating at restaurants carefully selected by Mr. Sato, who is very knowledgeable about Czech Republic cuisine and beer, from the restaurants to hospoda (Czech taverns) visited by the local people. You will stay four consecutive nights at the Prague Marriott  hotel in the Old Town city center, so you can enjoy “travel which feels like living in Prague” and thoroughly explore the world heritage town streets with a guide.

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Mr. Yuske Sato (image)            Prague Castle (image)

Measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

ANA Traveler’s Peace of Mind Promise: About COVID-19 countermeasures

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About ANA’s initiatives to prevent COVID-19 infections and the immigration information for each country (ANA Care Promise)

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