ANA LIVE SHOPPING ~ New Project: “Harvest Festival of Freshly-Picked Autumn Fruit” Delivered Directly from Nagano, the Production Region ANA X will livestream from the farms and communicate the charms of the region ~

ANA X Inc. (President and CEO: Kazuhiro Todoroki, Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will release the new October project of the ANA LIVE SHOPPING service at 14:00 on September 28 (Wednesday). This service enables customers to purchase famous products from around Japan in real time with live viewing.

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 This time we will livestream from the local area, Shimoina District, Nagano Prefecture, at Yamabuki Farm in Takamori town and Farm & Cidery KANESHIGE in Mutsuzawa, Shimojo village. We will present the charms of the high quality fruit grown in the abundant nature of Nagano Prefecture up close and share the interesting and behind-the-scenes stories only known to the produce growers.
 During the live stream we will offer carefully-selected special sets, so customers are able to purchase the products they like on the spot. Customers will also be able to ask questions of the farmers in real time. We hope you will enjoy this two-way communication which is only possible with a livestream.
 Moreover, only for the people who have made purchases, there is a lottery through which customers can win ANA original products and special offers only available through the live stream. We hope you are able to join the livestream and savor the charms of the fruit of Nagano Prefecture.

■ Overview of Project
Product name: “Harvest Festival of Freshly-Picked Autumn Fruit” Delivered Directly from Nagano, the Production Region
Opening date and time: Yamabuki Farm Edit: Saturday, October 1 from 14:00 to 15:45 (Japan time)
           Farm & Cidery KANESHIGE Edit: Sunday, October 2 from 14:00 to 15:45 (Japan time)
Application period: Viewing is free and prior application is not needed. It will be possible to view the stream directly via the viewing link.
Purchasing period: Yamabuki Farm Edit and Farm & Cidery KANESHIGE Edit: From 23:59 on Monday, October 3 (Japan time)
Archive period: Yamabuki Farm Edit: From 23:59 on Saturday, October 1 (Japan time)
       Farm & Cidery KANESHIGE Edit: From 23:59 on Sunday, October 2 (Japan time)
Participation criteria: On the days in question, the streaming will take place using a live commerce system (Note 1). While it is not necessary to download an app in advance, please be sure to participate from a location with a stable communication environment.
Project partners: Soracoma, Inc., Double Doors Co., Ltd.
[Inquiries regarding collaborating with and implementing ANA LIVE SHOPPING]
Points to note:
• Viewing the live stream on a smartphone is recommended. On the days in question, if it is difficult to connect please wait a short time and try accessing again.
• Please be aware in advance that in some cases the products on sale during the live stream and their composition may change without prior notice.

■ Yamabuki Farm Edit ~ Shine Muscat grapes grown by the “father of grape-growing” and his apprentices ~
Mr. Miyashita from Yamabuki Farm in Takamori town is known to the people in the neighborhood as the “father of grape-growing” and is also called the leading expert in grape-growing. Young farmers gather around Mr. Miyashita, drawn in by his techniques and personality, and train in grape-growing with him daily. This time we will sell a limited quantity of Shine Muscat grapes and the rare variety Yuho, etc. grown with great care by Mr. Miyashita and the young farmers. We certainly hope you are able to enjoy these sweet and juicy grapes which can be eaten in their skins.

■ Farm & Cidery KANESHIGE Edit ~ “Tree-ripened apples” produced from the soil of the Nanshin Region with the aim of building an agriculture and community which will continue 100 years into the future ~
The Farm & Cidery KANESHIGE in Mutsuzawa, Shimojo village is engaged in fruit tree cultivation, processing, and brewing based on the concept of “RE:AGRI” which reimagines the new value of agriculture for a future of agriculture continuing 100 years into the future. This time we will specially introduce from among the large number of varieties the Akibae special variety, which has a characteristic dark red skin, and its apple juice, etc. We certainly hope you can savor these “tree-ripened apples” which are cultivated with meticulous methods from the soil cultivation onwards and are grown with safe and secure agricultural methods using reduced-pesticide cultivation and organic fertilizers.

Going forward, ANA X will continue to contribute to regional revitalization by communicating the charming products of regions throughout Japan to our customers through new services in line with the times. We certainly hope you will look forward to the appealing lineups we will assemble for ANA LIVE SHOPPING too going forward.

Note 1: A system in which live viewing and product purchasing are possible simultaneously.