ANA Traveler’s: Going Further into Unseen Japan, the Fascination of Travel Never Ends ~ “Let’s Travel in Japan! High-Quality Journeys VOL.15” ~

 ANA X Inc. (President and CEO: Kazuhiro Todoroki, Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) began sales of Let’s Travel in Japan! High-Quality Journeys VOL.15, a magazine about domestic travel, from 14:00 on September 15 (Thursday). We are offering a total of 13 itineraries: three itineraries for “travel with a seasonal feeling” featuring scenery which can only be seen now, rare vehicles and foods, and experiences, which enable customers to satisfy their curiosity, and ten itineraries for “travel for enjoying hotels in a relaxed way” featuring stays in high-quality accommodation.

How to book: Through the ANA website or the ANA Traveler’s Domestic Tour Services Desk: 050-3172-2341
Further details:

<Topics in common for the travel itineraries with a seasonal feeling>
(i) Customers can enjoy the scenery in the four seasons which can only be seen now and people want to see because it can be seen now, and the food and experiences that are only available in those areas, etc.. Chartered buses and tourist taxis are provided for the travel. A maximum of 20 people ride in one chartered bus, and one group of customers must ride in each tourist taxi, so customers can have a relaxing time even on long journeys.

Furthermore, the walking time is stated for each tourist site, so please apply in accordance with the purpose of your trip.

(ii) We are implementing COVID-19 infection prevention measures for traveling from place to place, tourist activities, and staying in accommodation during the travel, so please participate with peace of mind.

In addition to the ANA Care Promise, we incorporate prevention of the spread of infection as stated in the ANA Traveler’s Peace of Mind Promise. (Note 1)

Photos are for illustrative purposes only.

<Product topics for travel itineraries with a seasonal feeling (Note 2)>
◆[NEW] A trip around the night views in Hakodate and the nature of Donan [southern Hokkaido], 2 nights
 Departure dates: October 27 (Thursday), October 31 (Monday), November 7(Monday), 2022

 This is a trip around the Donan [southern Hokkaido] area in autumn to fully enjoy its nature, culture, and gourmet food. On the second day of the itinerary, a local nature guide accompanies the customers into a forest in the vicinity of Onuma to show them around. Customers can enjoy the autumn leaves in Onuma Park and encounters with little animals and a large number of wild birds.

◆[NEW] A trip around Kyushu in autumn, to Takachiho, Kuju, and Yabakei valley, 2 nights
 Departure dates: November 1 (Tuesday), November 4 (Friday), November 8 (Tuesday), November 10 (Thursday), November 11 (Friday), November 29 (Tuesday), November 30 (Wednesday), 2022

 Visit the natural beauty that can only be seen at this time and travel from the mythical town Takachiho to Yabakei valley. At Takachiho, which is said to be the place where Ninigi-no-Mikoto descended from heaven, a local guide shows the customers around famous places such as Takachiho Gorge, the Amano Iwato Shrine dedicated to Amaterasu Omikami, and the Amano Yasugawara cave where the deities are said to have gathered. Customers can enjoy Takachiho Kagura at the Takachiho Shrine.

◆[NEW] A trip to Okinawa Island to experience Yanbaru Forest and nature, 2 nights
 Departure dates: October 30 (Sunday), November 13 (Sunday), December 11 (Sunday), 2022

 Amami-Oshima Island, Tokunoshima Island, Northern part of Okinawa Island, and Iriomote Island was registered as World Natural Heritage in July 2021. Customers can experience nature in the Yanbaru Forest, a large subtropical laurel forest. A nature guide certified by the Yanbaru Three Village World Natural Heritage Promotion Council guides the customers at their own pace on a walking route to the Hiji Waterfall.

<Topics in common for the travel itineraries for enjoying hotels in a relaxed way>
Depending on the itinerary a welcome taxi, or a tourist taxi or rental car as an optional plan (for an additional charge) is offered (excludes some itineraries). Please enjoy a more elegant and luxurious time than in your daily life.

<Product topics for travel itineraries for enjoying hotels in a relaxed way (Note 2)>
◆[NEW] Stay at the Otaru Ryotei Kuramure, a relaxing and hidden space inspired by a traditional Japanese warehouse offering a total of 19 rooms, 1 or 2 nights
Departure dates: departures on specific days between October 1, 2022 (Saturday) and March 31, 2023 (Friday) (excluding departures between December 9 and January 3)

◆[NEW] Stay at the Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo with hospitality echoing in the five senses, 1 night or 2 nights
Departure dates: departures on specific days between October 1, 2022 (Saturday) and March 31, 2023 (Friday) (1 night: excluding departures between December 29 and January 3 or 5; 2 nights: excluding December 28 to January 5)

◆[NEW] Relax at The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto, where you can feel the traditional aesthetics of Kyoto, 1 or 2 nights
Departure dates: departures every day from October 1, 2022 (Saturday) to March 31, 2023 (Friday)

Going forward, ANA Traveler’s will continue to provide close support to its customers, further enhance the “reliable quality offering peace of mind” it has cultivated to date, and offer products and services which have value for its customers.

Note 1: ANA Care Promise:

ANA Traveler’s Peace of Mind Promise:

Note 2: Let’s Travel in Japan! High-Quality Journeys VOL.15 is established only as a Local Participation Plan without Flights which does not include the flights. Please purchase the flights separately at the ANA website.