ANA Traveler’s: Enjoy an Extraordinary Time on a High-Quality Trip“Let’s Travel in Japan: Train Journey”

・This “Train Journey” features the renowned Train Suite Shiki-shima “cruise” train.
The train tours the Koshinetsu area from Ueno Station to Niigata and Yamanashi Prefectures. Guests can enjoy meals prepared with local ingredients at each destination. The train crew will introduce the attractions of the Shiki-shima.
・”Let’s Travel in Japan Vol. 17” is now on sale with great popularity. Hotels and traditional ryokan inns where you can enjoy high-quality relaxation, such as ryokan with crab kaiseki dinners and hotels featuring guest rooms with private hot spring open-air baths, are available.

ANA X Inc. (President and CEO: Kazuhiro Todoroki, Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) is launching the domestic travel “Let’s Travel in Japan: Train Journey” starting from 14:00 on Thursday, March 23, 2023.
In addition to the “Train Suite Shiki-shima” which is a leading “cruise” train in Japan, two itineraries are available. Please enjoy these products that will let you experience the unique charms of the local areas and regions.

How to book: Through the ANA website or the ANA Traveler’s Domestic Tour Services Desk :050-3172-2341

■Features of Train Suite Shiki-shima *Note 1
1.On the day before boarding the train, you will enjoy a multi-course meal at the Imperial Hotel while receiving guidance on the features of photography by the accompanying cameraman as well as an introduction to the charms of Train Suite Shiki-shima by the train crew.
2.In Niigata, you will visit Enkikan, a traditional building that was reconstructed from a relocated part of the main residence of the Saito family, said to be one of the three main wealthy families in Niigata, and enjoy a performance by Geigi (similar to geisha) in Niigata Furumachi. In addition, in Yamanashi, the birthplace of the Japanese wine industry, you will visit a winery in Katsunuma. Please enjoy the culture and history unique to the region.

■About the itineraries of “Let’s Travel in Japan Vol. 17” *Note 1, Note 2
Let’s Travel Japan Vol. 17 “travel for enjoying hotels in a relaxed way” has been on sale with great popularity since Monday, March 13.
Departure dates: Departures on specified dates between Saturday, April 1 and Saturday, September 30, 2023

Some itineraries include a shuttle taxi service, and some allow you to add a tourist taxi or rental car option as an optional plan for an additional fee (some itineraries do not allow this). Enjoy a more elegant and luxurious time than usual.

Note 1: We are implementing COVID-19 infection prevention measures for all our products, including for traveling from place to place, tourist activities, and staying in accommodations during travel, so please participate with peace of mind. In addition to the ANA Care Promise, measures to prevent the spread of infections are taken in accordance with the ANA Traveler’s Peace of Mind Promise.

ANA Care Promise:
ANA Traveler’s Peace of Mind Promise:

Note 2: Let’s Travel in Japan! High-Quality Journeys Vol. 17 features itineraries established as “Local Participation Plans without Air Tickets.” Please purchase the air tickets separately at the ANA website.