ANA Pocket Supports the HOT JAPAN with JO1 Project Your Travel Makes Japan HOT!

 ANA X Inc. (President and CEO: Kazuhiro Todoroki, headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) announces a new collaboration between its mobile app service ANA Pocket and the HOT JAPAN with JO1 project.

Like the HOT JAPAN project, the ANA Pocket service was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic and seeks to invigorate Japan through travel. The new project will feature contents that encourages people to visit fascinating hot locations throughout the country and promote the magic of Japan around the world.

◆ What is HOT JAPAN with JO1?

HOT JAPAN picks up and highlights the hottest people, events, places and things throughout Japan, sharing them with Japan and around the world. The members of JO1 will serve as ambassadors to pull Japan out of the doldrums and make it the hottest, most exciting place to be.

HOT JAPAN with JO1 Feature Website


 * Website opens at 11:00 on Monday, November 14, 2022

ANA Pocket Official Website Feature Page


◆ ANA Pocket and HOT JAPAN with JO1 Project Details

* Additional contents will be announced on the ANA Pocket official webpage.

1. HOT JAPAN with JO1 x ANA Pocket Special Check-in Challenge

A special challenge leveraging the ANA Pocket check-in feature. 

  • Challenge: HOT Japan with JO1 Special Challenge
  • Challenge Start: Monday, 11:00 November 14, 2022
  • Challenge Requirements: Check-in at Theater Hibiki
    at the Yamanakako Communication Plaza Kirara

* Conceptual image

2. HOT JAPAN with JO1 x ANA Pocket x Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Check-in Challenge

A collaboration between Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport locations throughout Japan, Lazona Kawasaki Plaza and DiverCity Tokyo Plaza!

The special check-in challenge will run from Monday, November 28, 2022 to Tuesday, January 31, 2023 at 20 locations throughout Japan during the peak Christmas & New Year sale season.

  • Challenge: HOT JAPAN with JO1 Special Challenge
  • Challenge Start: Monday, November 28, 2022 (start date subject to change)
  • Challenge Requirements: Visit a LaLaport location anywhere in Japan, Lazona Kawasaki Plaza or DiverCity Tokyo Plaza and check-in at the designated location using ANA Pocket. * Check-in must be done within 100 meters of the designated check-in spot

3. HOT JAPAN with JO1 x ANA Pocket Original Digital Wallpaper Present

 Individuals that complete one of the above challenges will receive a special ANA Pocket HOT JAPAN with JO1 original digital wallpaper. Details are available on the Challenge tab in the ANA Pocket app.

◆ What is JO1?

A global boy pop group formed from the eleven winners of over 65 million votes in the survival audition show Produce 101 Japan: Issei Mamehara, Ren Kawashiri, Takumi Kawanishi, Shosei Ohira, Shion Tsurubo, Ruki Shiroiwa, Keigo Sato, Shoya Kimata, Junki Kono, Sukai Kinjo and Sho Yonashiro.

 On October 12, JO1 released their 6th single, Midnight Sun, selling 600,000 copies in the song’s first week, making it their sixth single to achieve number one ranking. In September JO1 launched their first tour, 2022 JO1 1ST ARENA LIVE TOUR ‘KIZUNA’, touring five cities throughout Japan for a total of 13 performances that drew over 110,000 fans in total. JO1’s first arena tour was a resounding success, closing with an incredible finale on October 23, 2022.

◆ What is ANA Pocket?

ANA Pocket is a mobile app that allows users to build up points through their daily activities to earn great rewards and airline miles.

( ANA Pocket will continue to offer more contents as part of the HOT JAPAN with JO1 project to make Japan the most exciting place to be. Watch this space for more exciting news.