『ANA Traveler’s Online Tour』 Part 9!
[Sake tasting set included] Sake no Sakata: Sake Online Tour
~Revel Tonight with Sake from Sakata in Yamagata~

ANA X Inc. (Representative Director and President: Shinichi Inoue, headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will begin sales of [[Sake tasting set included]] Sake no Sakata: Sake Online Tour ~Revel Tonight with Sake from Sakata in Yamagata~ today from 14:00 as part 9 of the ANA Traveler’s Online Tour.

Sakata City has a population of about 100,000 and is located on the Sea of Japan side of Yamagata Prefecture. It is a port town that prospered with Kitamae-bune cargo ships during the Edo period (1603-1868).
Blessed with the nature of Mount Chokai and the Sea of Japan, thriving sake brewing takes place here using rice produced in the Shonai Plain and pure water such as subsoil water from Mount Chokai.

In this tour, Shuichi Takahashi, the owner of Kigawaya, a store specializing in Yamagata’s local sake in Sakata City, will be your guide to learn about sake and sake brewing in Sakata. You can deepen your knowledge of sake brewing through an online tour of the interior of the Sakata Shuzo sake brewery, the brewer of Jokigen sake, which is not usually open to the public. There will also be time to ask questions to the brewer through quizzes and chatting. This time will allow you to feel closer to Sakata through interactive communication.

In addition, four bottles of Sakata’s choice sake, including some treasured sake that is ordinarily difficult to obtain, selected by Kigawaya will be sent to your home in advance (see Note 1). This will allow you to leisurely enjoy the brewery tour at home while savoring the sake.

This online tour will be sold on the ANA website at a special price of 3,000 yen for just 100 people to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the ANA Shonai-Tokyo route.

■Product overview

[Product name][Sake tasting set included] Sake no Sakata: Sake Online Tour
~Revel Tonight with Sake from Sakata in Yamagata~
[Date and time]May 29 (Saturday), 2021 from 18:00 to 19:30
[Application period]From May 11 (Tuesday) at 14:00, 2021 to May 25 (Tuesday) at 23:59, 2021
[Price]3,000 yen (including tax)
[Capacity]100 people
*Minimum number of event participants: 10
*People under 20 years old cannot apply.
[Participation conditions]Please participate from a place with a stable communications environment.
On the day we will use Zoom so if you do not have the Zoom app, please download it in advance.
[Cooperation]Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture
Shonai Airport Promotion Council
Yamagata no Jizake Kigawaya
Sakata Shuzo Co., Ltd.
Shonai branch, ANA Akindo Co., Ltd.

Going forward, ANA Traveler’s will continuously work to promote tourism together with the local population utilizing the ANA domestic route network, and to further discover the charms of and revitalize the region. Please stay tuned.

(Note 1) Sake will be shipped from breweries or local sake specialty stores.

Inquiries from media organizations, etc.: General Administration and Public Relations Team, General Administration and Personnel Division, ANA X Inc.: 050-3815-5051